Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week recap + a video

I haven't really done much in the past week. My hormones have been kicking my ass, literally. Pre-menstrual hormone surge caused me extreme intestinal pain for much of the week. This is a throw back to over 15 years ago. I was so happy when that stopped but here we go again! On top of that my mood has been on a rollercoaster ride too. I am sure that my hubby would have love to send me to the moon. Shoot, I would have loved to go! :)

What I did do, besides eating cookies, chips, soda, candy, gum, etc when I wasn't doubled over in pain, was go to Zumba. That has to be the only reason I held my weight this week. Here is a video they recorded last week. You'll get to see me in my Zumba glory around 1:02 minutes into the video. There are designated colors for each day but I didn't get the memo and was in blue. ;)

I am starting fresh.....starting right now.
Okay, maybe a few minutes from now.
Darn it! Don't be so demanding!
I will start fresh. Immediately.
Oh, well - I'll try my best this week.
Cross my heart.

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