Friday, February 18, 2011

Biggest Loser

I have been watching the Biggest Loser since season 2. I really like the show, get annoyed with the game play but realize that is just part of the show. My all time favorite players have been Ali, Tara, all the Tonga boys and the crying brothers. :)

When this season started I was shocked as to how many people chose the other trainers. From a game play and weight loss perspective it makes sense to get stay on campus for as long as possible regardless of the trainer....but I would still have choosen Bob and Jillian. Call me crazy but I just knew in my marrow that it would have been the best choice for me.

Fast forward a few weeks and the others are back. Again, I know that it is a game and a TV show but the word "others" just iggs me. We are ALL trying to get our lives back on track, get healthy and get to living. Anyhow.....we now get to meet the new trainers.

Boy, boy, oh boy am I happy with my original decision. (You see how easily I get to jump into an alternate universe were I am really on the biggest loser? :) ). I like Brett but am not too crazy about Cara. I am certainly not crazy about using boxing as my primary cardio exercise to lose weight. How is that my little nephew put it when asked if he wanted karate classes, "Mama, I'm a lover not a fighter". LOL Well, I am a wimp not a boxer. It is great for others. It is great cardio. It is not for me. If only I could dance my way to my goal! I would so have regretted joining Cara and Brett's team.

The other thing is that the way the show is edited in such a way that it looks like other teams just stand there and watch while two people are boxing. That seems like an oxymoron to me.

Beyond that - the fact that they didn't learn about nutrition from the get-go was another turn off. It seems awesome but unless you are going to send a live in chef to be with me for the rest of my days I need to learn about portion control, healthy cooking and calories.

My favorite ones that I cheer for every week so far are:
Moses and Kaylee - told you I had a thing for those Tongans!
Hannah and Olivia - sisters rule!
Courtney and Marci - that girl just has such a fire in her! She motivates me!
Irene - I can see the inner hottie in her. Watch out for her at the finale!
Rulon - because he reminds me of my hubby. Lost their way and fighting hard to find his way back.

I cheer for Arthur as well but I have a love-hate relationship with him. I want him to do well so badly but he continues to make poor choices. Sometimes, it is like looking at myself and that can be pretty uncomfortable. He has a very long way to go and it is hard to stay focused and dedicated. I feel the same way when I look at my own 100 lb jourey. I am only 9.5 into the 100. It feels like an ocean to cross with only a small paddle boat to travel on some days.

I literally got out of my chair and cheered for him when he got that huge loss this week. I hope that the mental shift sticks and he continues onward and downward!

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