Thursday, February 10, 2011

You are what you read....or watch on TV

Yesterday, I went to the café for my breakfast burrito. I have been going to this place for nine years now and know the owner and staff really well. We got to talking about the great job my hubby did in making over my walk in closet. He is an incredible handyman type of guy and really knocked it out of the park on my closet! I will post some before and after pictures of it soon.

Anyhow, Alexis was saying how she needs a walk-in closet because she has too much stuff. She is in her early twenties and about three years ago lost about 25 lbs. She is also in the mists of planning her wedding. In her closet she has clothes that fit her now, clothes a few sizes larger and a few size smaller. At this point I started to channel the hoarder whisper lingo, this is the one I watch. Here are a few of my beautiful regurgitated lines:

"Remove one item for every new item you purchase"

"You don't need new clothing if you already have ones that still have the tags on"
In response to Alexis saying she can't get rid of any of the clothes because many still have tags!

"Honor your new body with new clothing. Stop holding onto the past"
In response to Alexis saying that she needs them just in case she loses or gains.

"Recognize when you are holding on due to sentimental value versus true value. Limit that to a few pieces"
In response to Alexis saying there are things that she really still likes, regardless of the size.

"You are not going to want to be in your fat clothes. You are going to want to honor and enjoy your pregnant body"
In response to her statement that she was holding onto the bigger size clothes in case she became pregnant.

At the end of our chat she said that I was channeling Oprah. :) Hey, I'll take the compliment.

Don't get me wrong, I have just very very recently have figured this out for myself. The new closet design has also helped me clarify my vision for my "stuff". I am just so tired of seeing so much "stuff" that I can't possibly use.

It isn't just clothing, towels, books, etc it is all the stuff that I carry around in my head. The anger of things that happened in the past, the disappointments, the running monologue that doesn't help build me up, the debt, the fear. I am just plain tired of it all.

I have started to address my physical environment in the hopes that it will help with my mental clutter. I think it is working. And if I have to channel Oprah every now and again to get a step closer I am good with that. :)

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