Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 7: Weight Watchers Weigh-In

January 19th to 25th, 2010
Current Weight: 232.5 lbs
Week to Week loss: -1
Total gain/loss: -9.0 lbs

Something you should know, I weigh-in at home since I was only using the online tools when I first started WW (for the final time as Sheryl says!) in December. I started attending meetings in January.

When I was last attending Weight Watchers I had found Helen, a great leader, at the center by my house. Those meetings are at 8am on Saturday mornings. That is hit or miss for me depending what I do on Friday night. So it isn't surprise that I was absolutely thrilled that she offers a meeting during my lunch hour on Tuesdays by my job.

Something else you should know, I really hate weighing-in during the day but I love weighing in first thing on Saturday mornings.

The compromise that I made with myself are the following:

I weigh-in at WW on Tuesdays at noon with the following conditions:
- full clothed
- take off shoes and jewelry
- eat breakfast and drink my water
That number I will now put on my progress chart only.

I weigh-in at home on Wednesday mornings with the following conditions:
- butt naked
- after I have peed
- as soon as I get up

That is the number that you see posted at the top of my weekly weigh-ins and what I consider my official number. One of these weeks I will go weigh-in on Saturday and am sure that the numbers will catch up with eachother. I am not worried about it but wanted to explain it to ya'll. This way I feel completely accountable in all ways and it works for me.

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