Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sea Shells

Helen, my Weight Watcher's leader, gave us each a sea shell as we left the meeting this week. She shared that the first time she had come to Florida she was a recent graduate from nursing school and was walking along Daytona Beach. She felt so happy and calm walking along the beach that she decided that she wanted that forever. She went back to the hotel, shower, changed and walked over of the first hospital and applied for a job. She got that job and she started herself on the path to happiness.

Her parting thought was go after your happiness.

This weeks Weight Watcher's topic was activity. Here are some of the points that were made
  • Activity isn't about putting on a thong and going to the gym. :) (Helen loves talking about thongs).
  • Looking good in a thong isn't worth crap if you are dead.
  • Don't short change yourself on activity. Cleaning the houses, walking the dogs, taking a flight of stairs, etc are all activity.
  • Helen has completed half-marathons in 3.5 hour or less, walking only! She never saw herself as an athlete but setting these kinds of goals have helped her stay in shape.
  • "Members of Weight Watchers that didn't include activity as part of their plan during the losing phase end up going somewhere to have portions of their bodies lopt off. It ain't pretty and looks even worse if they don't maintain!"
  • Start out by doing what is necessary. Then what is possible. Before you know it you are doing the impossible.

She went around the room to see what people were doing as a fun activity. These are a few that were mentioned.

  • Line dancing
  • Ballroom dancing (woohoo!)
  • Zumba
  • Walking
  • Gardening

Helen's suggestions on Points Plus

  • Eat your daily points, all of them.
  • Eat your happy crap with your 49 weekly points.
  • Always eat your weekly points before your activity points.
  • Eat your activity points whenever you want!
  • When a member tells Helen "I can't get all my daily points in" her answer is "Yes, you can. That is how you got here!"
  • Over all her years being a leader she never had a member that came in from binging and overeating on veggies and fruit. Don't be afraid of the zero points veggies and fruit. Just eat it!
  • Try veggies prepared four different ways. Suck it up and put on your big girl panties and start eating veggies.

Power Foods

  • Reduced calorie bread is a Power Food.
  • Potato is a Power Food.
  • Not all Power Foods are zero points.

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