Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress Prompt Monday #4

I apologize for the delay. My grandmother Elena was in the ICU this past week and I flew up to New York City to be with her. I got back in late on Monday and am still recovering from this long weekend.


Progress Prompt Monday #4
Is exercise part of your weight loss program?
Hell yeah!! That is the integral part of my weight loss program this time around. Incorporating the Weight Watchers plan and moving more is what I know will be the key to my long term success.

If so, what exercises do you do?
Currently, I participate in Zumba three nights a week. I also signed up for the Biggest Loser program at work. I anticipate incorporating treadmill/stair/elliptical workouts to my routine in the next few weeks. I also plan to add pilates and yoga classes to help with my non-existent flexibility.

Do you exercise at home or at a health club?
I have mention this before but I manage the Corporate Fitness Center at work. The membership is free to all employees. I also am a member at a
local gym.

How often and how long?
The local gym: 3x per week
Work gym: 5x per week

How do you feel after a workout?
Extremely tired.
On a super high.

Do you love it or hate it?
L.O.V.E. it.

Are you at peace with your exercise program?
Yes because although I know it is exercise I view it more as just moving. I only take classes that I enjoy. If I absolutely hate the exercise class I just don't do it. There are enough things out there that I can do that I do like.

Are you also at peace with knowing that you have to exercise for the rest of your life?
Absolutely. After spending this weekend with my Grandmother Elena I realize that the reason she is so strong at 86 is because she never stopped moving. I look at my other Grandmother Eva, who is completely sedentary and the difference is night and day!

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