Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 5: Weight Watchers Weigh-In

January 5th to 11th, 2010
Current Weight: 236.5 lbs
Week to Week loss: 0
Total gain/loss: -5.5 lbs

Holding steady. I did so much emotional eating this week but I balanced it out with a lot of working out so instead of having a gain, I held my own. Feel proud of that but regrouping for this upcoming week. Yeah me!

This weeks accomplishments:
  • attended 3 Zumba classes alone. Burned 1017 calories in one session alone!
  • joined the Biggest Loser eight week program at work.
  • went to Zumba in the evening on the same day I did the Biggest Loser workout at the fitness center at work. Felt incredible!
  • did really well with evening snacking.
  • didn't binge during emotional week.

Working on for next week

  • do five workout sessions (3 zumba, 1 biggest loser, 1 home video)
  • track, track, track
  • get some non-workout exercise in (like walking the dogs, etc)

The beginning of the year always brings out more people to both the Weight Watchers meetings and the gym. I personally don't mind this at all since I have been a participant in these new year waves many a time. Oddly enough, now that my mindset is on permanent mode, as in there isn't waiting for Monday, I am starting the change in the next few minutes....I wish I could lasso them all and keep them coming back....even when things start to suck!

I was explaining to my hubbster that a Zumba class this week was really good, high impact and full but that I got annoyed when I looked around at a room for 40 women and only saw a few sweating or flushed. How is it possible that you can take this class and NOT SWEAT? Shoot, just the number of people in the room should cause you to sweat a little! His response was "What do you care? You are there for yourself and you know you are giving 110%".

Holy crap, why do I care?
My observation didn't stop me from giving it 110%. Didn't deter me from enjoying the class. For meeting my goal for the day. So why the heck do I care? I think it is because I like it so much that I want everyone else to get the same benefit from it. They aren't going to keep on coming back if they don't see the results. They won't see the results unless they put in the work.

Why the heck do I care?
Because I wish I had my light bulb moment much earlier in life. I wish someone would have lassoed me. I wish I would have been saved from myself and years of struggling. That is why I care.

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