Thursday, December 09, 2010

Running, Jogging, just plain ol' walking faster

Yesterday I went down the fitness center in my building. I always find it ironic that part of my work responsibilities is to manage the fitness center...anyhow. I got dressed, got the iPod going, jumped on a treadmill.

Normal walking.
Getting that blood-flow going. And then....

I start to think about Ada from the Biggest Loser.

How she ran on that treadmill and killed her time. How she ran the marathon, took a potty break and still broke Tara's record....somehow this morphed into me running.

The truth is that I walk at a 3.3 and am huffing it. Today I will make sure to look at my HRM and see what it is because although I can still breath and don't feel like dying my legs HURT when I go any faster. So what did I do? Yes, I decided to run for 30 seconds. I can do anything for 30 seconds. I punched that arrow up up up to 3.8 and ran for 60 seconds instead.

To many, including my hubby, this wouldn't be an achievement of any kind. 3.8 should be a fast walk. 60 seconds should be no sweat. To me it is sweet victory. I have never run for a minute, ever. I don't ever push the button up past 3.4mph. I surpassed my initial goal for 30 seconds. Today I am going to shoot to relive that victory and push past it. Who knows? If Elizabeth from the Biggest Loser can complete a marathon I can run on a treadmill.

Week Recap: December 1st to 7th, 2010
Start Weight: 241.5
Current Weight: 238.5 lbs
Total gain/loss: -3 lbs

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