Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new week is upon us!

Review of week December 8th to 14th, 2010

Current Weight: 236 lbs
Week to Week loss: 2.5
Total gain/loss: -5.5 lbs

The Plan: 10_6_PV2_PlanGuides_PointPlus_value_graphic_US_256x256
For the past two weeks I have been following the new WW Points Plus plan faithfully. (Check out Bitchcakes blog for details) I have never ever gone hungry which is a nice switch. I have been eating up fruits and veggies on a real consistent basis and loving it. Here is a litte recap:

Dec 7 to 14 - consumption

I have maintained my water consumption at at least 64oz a day! I am going to focus on the healthy guidelines for the next few weeks. I am certain that it will help me move along at an even better pace. On that note, I have to get a multi-vitamin. Anyone have a suggestion on that?



I have one word for you, Zumba!! I have really been enjoying Zumba these past few weeks. I have been able to keep up with more sets than when I first started. I have also discovered that I *LOVE* seeing all the sweat. I have started cutting down my tshirts so that I can see it while I work out. It gets me really going. Like a little liquid afrodisiac. :) Who said exercise wasn't like sex?

What is annoying is that the WW online tool doesn't have Zumba listed as an exercise. So I take the calories burned (I used this HRM in black) and divide it by 80. After reading a few of the message boards on WW it seems that is the correct number to use for the new Points Plus program.

Here are a few pics of Vane & me after our Zumba classes. She is a beast at working out! Very motivational for me.

Zumba - Vane & me - super class.  Sweated like a beast!  It fogged up the mirrors!

Zumba - Vane & me

I recognize that I am in the honeymoon phase but I am feel pretty darn fantastic! I am holding onto this feeling for as long as possible. :)

Next Weeks Goals:
Zumba 4x
Strength Training 2x
Tracking every day
Try running on the treadmill.

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