Sunday, December 05, 2010

My instructor and I

Here is a text exchange between my dance instructor and me. I share this because we have now crossed over into a new uncharted territory. For the first time ever he got all over me regarding me exercise and weight.

Me: Hey, could we push back my session to later this afternoon. My lower back is acting up and I want to see if it loosens up a bit.
Him: Nope. Lets reschedule then. I have the workshop later on.
Him: Why is your back acting up?
Me: On Monday I had pain down my right leg (sciatic nerve) and it has just gotten worse and worse, now it goes across my whole lower back
Me: I am feeling better than I did two days ago but not quite right. I had to go to Vanesa's house and lay down on the floor. This happened to me yrs ago.
Him: Its officially time to stop being a pussy and start working out.
Him: Hardcore!!!!!
Me: Yes, you are right. What I have been doing isn't enough at all.
Me: In my poor defense I worked out yesterday with the messed up back
Him: No defense for you...No excuses...workout out!!! Put up or get the hell out of the kitchen!!!! Its time I start doing cardio salsa one day a week with you!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yes, I agree. Time to shut up and put in the work
Me: You said "Put up or get the hell out of the kitchen!!", well I ain't getting out of the kitchen so I will stop with the excuses and put up.
Him: Goooooooooood!!!!!

At first I was pretty pissed off because I felt....I don't know, invaded? I took a deep breath. Then another. Then, I realized that this is what a friend is for, right? He sees an area that I need help and I need a no bullshit approach. I can appreciate that now that I slowed down to realize that he (nor my hubby, mom, sister, etc) have ever said things to me to hurt me INTENTIONALLY; they say it because they care about me and my goals.

So, I am stopping the excuses and putting up. Woohoo....I am scared but still woohoo!

Mar 2009 - Instructor + me practice sessionMar 2009 - Instructor + me practice session

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