Monday, February 07, 2011

Progress Prompt # 7

Now that you're on a weight loss program, what's it like being with your loved ones?

I think that it has taken everyone a bit to adjust. My sister tries to out guess me with what I can and can't have. I think that she has finally settled down and realizes that she can suggest any place for lunch or dinner and it won't throw me off track. She trusts me to explain that I don't have enough points or prefer something else. (see the next question how this hesitancy of hers affects me)

My hubby feels it much more dramatically. He has to deal with the changes I make in the food that I purchase. I only buy what suits me. Like whole wheat high fiber bread instead of his beloved white wonderbread. :) I keep a lot of fruit and veggies in the house now. He says he likes fruits but the proof is in the pudding since I end up eating it all myself. He also has to deal with me going to workout each evening. That is a good two hours that I am out of the house, including the 9 hours I am out working, so the "us" time is greatly affected. He doesn't mention it but I know he would prefer that I did a video at home instead of drive at night. He has this really bad habit of worrying like crazy about me driving at night. Anyhow, he is adapting.

Do you find losing weight easier if you have the support of others or do you prefer to keep your weight loss efforts private?

I am not a shy person at all but I tend to prefer to not discuss my weight loss goals with others, friends and family. Obviously, you four blog followers and lurkers aren't included since I over share with you!

I feel that I have much more control of my journey when I don't add their expectations to it. This sounds so horrible but I feel weighted down by all my previous, failed and not failed, attempts and their expectations. I just don't need that on top of all my own self-talk. That being said, there are a few that are really aware of my goals - for everyone else I am just doing my own thing.

Happy Monday!!

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