Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thinking of Lily

Last night Cli and I stopped by Cynthia's. It is amazing how cute she looks pregnant. From the moment she got pregnant I have called the little peanut Lily. At first she didn't like that much but everyone has warmed up to it and even they are calling her Lily. :)

I want to make something special from Tia for Lily. Since we live in such warm weather I don't want to make anything that will be too bulky and crappy in the warmer times. I really like this design off of Posie gets cozy' website. Furthermore, I think that Cynthia will like it as well. I think I'll do another set of booties. I made a pair for Joshua so this can be my little tradition. LOL I also like this cardigan but don't know if I have the skills to make something like this - the sleeves scare me.

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Amanda said...

I'd like to have a blanket in blue. Now I need to learn to crocet!!! I think she'd love something like that.