Monday, March 31, 2008

Day to remember

Today has been a bitter sweet day. Out of the blue I started thinking of Dario, well not acutally of him but his buddies in highschool. They were definitely a diverse group - Health (Jamaican), David Yee (Chinese), Lav (Yugoslavian) and Hector Dario (Dominican).

They were a motley group of laughter. They shared the same tastes in music and were all in the Art & Design High School in Manhattan. At that time we lived in Hoboken and a few afternoons out of the week they would all come over to Hoboken with Dario and hang out at the apt. Even after they had graduated from high school David would come over at least once a week until Dario disappeared.

It makes me sad to not know them - any of them any longer. I don't know what happened to Lav but I know that Heath moved to Jamaica after high school. Dario disappeared in June of 1990. I last saw David a few years later. I was already in college and we met up one day in the city to go to the movies. It was bittersweet. I wonder if it was odd for him. I lost touch with him afterwards.

I found their highschool yearbook online. I loved them all.

Hector Dario Troncoso

David Yee - partner in crime. :) He even flew to DR to be the bestman in Dario's wedding in 1987.

Heath Willacy - my most loving memory of him was when he painted my face for a halloween party at my school. Although I got there too late I KNOW I was the best gypsy woman that night. :)

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