Thursday, April 03, 2008

I *heart* MySpace

Here is a trigger reaction --> Cynthia's long lost buddy from grammar school, Rosita, found her on myspace. A few days later another grammar school friend, Lisa, found her as well. That got me thinking about past acquaintances, family and friends from yesteryear. After a few short clicks away I found Yesenia from highschool. I LOVE her. She has the best attitude and spirit in the world! I still have all the letters she wrote me on pink stationary while we were in highschool. I found my primita Tania! Lost touch with her last year. I remember when Tania was born that my Padrino and Tia Burga came by with her. Tia Burga put her on my bed and unwrapped her. I was five. I feel in love. I asked Tia if she could leave me the new doll. :) Tania is still the cutest thing although she is now 29 now. Can't wait to see who else I reconnect with - exciting times. LOL

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