Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Swish Swish

I might be dating myself here but do you remember this song? I tried to embedded it here but Blogger is not liking it today!

The very first line is "Woop Woop that da sound of da police".
When I was walking thru my house today my thighs were signing "Swoosh Swoosh that da sound of your legs". Really. I could hear it clear as a bell. :)

Today, I became brave and tried something I haven't in years. Actually, today is the second time in over 10 years that I have worn tights/stockings.

My thighs, even at my healthiest weight in the 130s, have a very close relationship. They don't like to be apart and would rather graze, rub and now....never separate unless forced to by some clothing material. (extract your minds from the gutter) This would explain why I have been wearing pants exclusively since I gained all the weight over 15+ years ago.

This is an email that I recently sent Sheryl. I really hope that she has some useful advise for this plus size girl!

Hi Sheryl,

I always always loved wearing skirts and dresses. When I was
at a healthy and fit weight I was wore stockings and leggings all the time as
well. As I started to gain wait I realized one day, while walking down the
hallway at work, that that whooshing sound was my legs rubbing together!! I went
straight to wearing pants and never looked back until about two years ago.

You have blogged about the great changes your legs have gone through but
when you were still working towards goal, did you have this whooshing effect? Any
advise on how to handle it? I now wonder if it was the brand or type of
stocking. Anyhow, any advise is greatly appreciated since I want to get back to
wearing the skirts and dresses with confidence.


Here are some shots of my legs today. I love when I walk on tile since the clacking of my heels drowns out the swooshing sound! :)

Self portrait stockings

Self portrait - stockings

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