Thursday, December 30, 2010

Word+Goals+Lists=Happy Me

Word for 2011
Ali Edwards has a yearly tradition of selecting a word for the year. The word that chose me was movement.
Looking back on the year 2010 I would have to say that the word that defined it was stagnant. I am ready (and yearning) for movement.
…Moving my body.
…Moving my spirit.
…Moving my finances.
…Moving my relationships to new levels.
…Moving my projects along.
So yeah, movement it is!

Goals for 2011
Purchase my first bike ever!! (this one has my name or this one)
Then naturally.....learn how to ride a bike.
Track my finances on my spreadsheet.
Complete the Suzy Orman blue box.
Sew the quilt for my bed (aka learn how to sew in the process).
Complete Mom’s cross-stitch.
Make something or use my scrapbook supplies each month.
Re-do my closet: remove all old stuff, have hubby build out shelves, paint, etc.
Be able to do a split.
Work towards losing weight every week. My ultimate goal is to lose 100lbs, exactly.
Date day with hubby each month.
Perform my Cha Cha, American Tango and Rumba.
Take my doggies for a 20 minute walk, 3x per week. Total of 156 walks.
Complete the Great Urban Race with Vane in October 2011.
Read 25 books (see list here). Just got a nook for Christmas so that will help!
Go to Spain with Mom.
Complete (2) 5k events.
Complete (1) 10k or half marathon.
Learn to run.
Then naturally....{huge one} run a seven minute mile once (to beat a bet I made with a friend).
Go on my monthly full moon family walk.
Send a handwritten note each month to a friend, reconnect with someone!
Pack my lunch 3x per week. Total of 156 lunches.
Exercise Goals: yoga/pilates 2x per week.
Exercise Goals: run/walk 15 miles per week.
Exercise Goals: make stretching a habit!.Exercise Goals: Strength training 3x per week (156 sessions).
Complete BOMI certification (boring but a must have for my job!).

Happy New Year to you all and may you stay focus on what is most important and valuable in your lives!

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