Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh sweet baby Jesus

Have I told you how much I like giveaways? Let me 'splain, Lucy.

What can be sweeter than enjoying someone's blog? Nothing, right? Hey, you come by and read my mundane and boring crap all the time. {You see, I am capable of being honest. :)}

A great blog is a like the perfect cup of cocoa on a cold Saturday morning. But wait my fellow blog readers and lovers....then that said blog does a SUPER giveaway! That just brings that blog up into another stratosphere. Now, don't fear because Ree has always been in her own blogging world category. Come on how many women can teach you how to cook shrimp, show you great pictures of her ranch, explain how to cut off calf nuts AND demonstrate some great homeschooling tips? Not many, my dear blog reader friend.

So, go on over to her page and submit a comment or two. You can only win the lottery if you actually buy a ticket (although techniquely someone could have give you one....I digress...)

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