Monday, November 29, 2010

Zumba me, baby!

It isn't very surprising that I really love taking Zumba classes. I even love how the world just rolls off the tongue, ZOO-UM-BAH. Sweetness!

I first took Zumba at the YMCA in Greenville, SC. I went to visit my fantabulous friend, Amanda, for a weekend in late February this year. A few things to note, not only had I never been to a YMCA ever but we planned our whole weekend around the activities available at the Y.

When I was a kid we lived in New York City and although I never saw the YMCA I heard about it....or maybe that was just that song...anyhow, our place to go was the Roberto Clemente State Park. That was the pool where everyone thought I was drowning but that is a story for another day. I digress...

The instructor for this Zumba class was Sonia; a five foot nothing Colombian native. Talk about being taken by surprise. She told us her love story with her dreamboat Southern man after the class. Amanda and I were the last one left since we were still trying to pick ourselves off the floor, literally. :)

The class was energetic, fun, interesting, and flew by. All elements that I need from any form of exercise. If you make me count the minutes I might have to hurt you. I absolutely loved the class!

Fast-forward eight months, my girlfriend Vanesa was complaining about how the gym had canceled the daycare and she would now have to go in the evenings to work out, bla bla bla. I offered to take the Zumba classes with her to help her over the hump....and that is all she wrote!

Tony is my Zumba instructor and he offers a super high energy class. I love the fact that he wears shoe laces tied to his pants back pockets. And ladies, if I don't get there at least 10 minutes early I won't make into the class. It is a packed class every single day! Check out this video on a day where he had a guest instructor. The classes are just as energetic and full as on this video.

We do these same moves as well in Tony's class. Go, Zoo-Um-Bah!

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Amanda said...

OMG!! I was literally on the floor. Praise the Lord we didnt have a heavy breakfast!! I'm so glad you love the Zumba and I'm SO glad that you came to see me!!