Friday, November 19, 2010

BodyBugg Update

After several weeks of wearing the BodyBugg I have some interesting observations; none are really surprising but wonderfully confirmed by graphs and numbers. :) Yes, there comes the geek in me.

Observation #1: Surprising I can easily hit my daily burn target each day, even on those where I don't take Zumba or Ballroom dancing classes.
Reaction: For years I have viewed myself as lazy. I mean, come on, how can I have gotten to be this large/fat/unfit without being a tinzy winsy bit lazy. The BodyBugg has just proved that the small changes I have made in my life just over the past two years has really had a positive impact.

Observation #2: My biggest pitfall is nutrition.
Reaction: To be frank, I thought I had this a bit better under control....obviously not when my calorie intake far exceeds my burn on any given day. I am going to continue to review my data because I have a sinking feeling that I have "dark hours" where calories are just all emotional reactions.

Observation #3: There are whole long periods of the day when I am not moving.
Reaction: My employment is primarily a desk job. Unlike those hated horrible jobs that I had in the beginning of my career that had me literally chained to my desk... I so hated having to plan by bowel movements around whomever could cover my post! I digress, my current position, although still a desk job I can get up and literally walk the building at any time. To add to my shame, I am the manager of the corporate fitness center. I sit down each week and go over programs, offerings and other information with my fitness center manager. Please don't ask when was the last time I went down and took a class. Please, I beg of you....sush.

In other news, go over to Ms. Bitchcakes blog and check out her "4 weeks before I hit goal" post. I put her data into BodyBugg and she was consuming about 1500 calories. That is the target calorie goal that BodyBugg created for me.

My sweetie also just got back from being with my parents for three weeks in Dominican Republic. He looks yummy and lost 5 lbs too. ;)

Next weeks plan:
Create and follow the eating plan on BodyBugg. Can't hurt right?
Write down every bite, lick and taste and everything in between.
Keep an emotions journal.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

I've always wondered about the BodyBugg and if it was worth the money.

Thanks for sharing your observations!

I went to the DR for the first time this past March and absolutely loved it and the people (I did NOT stay in a resort but with a family in San Pedro de Macoris). I look forward to going back mid/late February!