Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday I was watching American Chopper and Paul Sr. was talking about his 25th anniversary of sobriety. He was telling the shop guys that all the guys he hung out drinking and partying were all dead, including his brother. He went to AA meetings for nine years because although he knew he should have gone to rehab he couldn't deal with leaving the business in anyone else's hands. What I found most interesting was when he explained how he would say "I will on drink on the weekends" and then Monday would roll along and he would still be hammered. All the mind tricks he tried until he realize that one drink was too much and 100 wasn't enough.

I realized that like Senior I am a weekender. Monday to Friday I am pretty much on point with my new lifestyle. I eat right, count points, journal, exercise, drink water, etc and then Saturday/Sunday are a free for all eating crap, no water, no exercise. I have the same mentality he had. So, today is Monday and I am not going to blow the week. I have to get off the cycle and enjoy a 25th year anniversary of healthy living like Senior did.

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