Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't be short sighted

Every day I wake up and make a conscious decision to get up and jump start my day. It doesn't happen automatically. I have to tell myself that coming to work is a great thing and look at what I am going to accomplish. Really, this is what I do because I really enjoy sleeping in on any given day.

By the same token I have come to realize that this change in my lifestyle is something that I wake up every day and decide to continue. I will not focus on how I fell short (food, exercise, mood, work etc) yesterday but the result that is on the horizon. I won't lie and say that I am okay with the goal arriving at any time because I want it here immediately. :) But I know that I am going enjoy the journey just as well as the destination.

While I was taking a shower in the gym yesterday I had a singular question for myself "Who is this woman that is showering in a public place in the middle of the day?".

I am the woman that has been packing her breakfast, lunch AND snack.
I am the woman that loves to snack on fruit and nuts.
Nutty snack

I am the woman that went to lunch with her sister and left half her entree....and didn't feel bad about it!
I am the woman that passed up on three cokes while at work and just left them sitting on her desk.
cokes avoided

I am the woman that workout at work five days and loves sweating!
Post workout - love that I can see my eye AND look at the sweat! Yeah baby!

I am the woman that is enjoying weight training workouts.

This weeks goals:
- Wear the pedometer every day!
- Beat last weeks overall steps. The ultimate goal is to get to over 12000 steps each day.


- Track in WW Etools all seven days.
- Workout: six days cardio, four days weights
- Tryout a group exercise class at the local studio
- Take one ballroom dancing class

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