Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How I want to it....

I am on the beautiful, winding,tree-lined, breezy road of life. Although I feel an urgency to stay on the road I know that GOAL is not the final destination. So how I am going to stay on this road without a GPS unit? I have other kinds of guides that can help me.

So how am I doing this?
I am going to journal every bite, taste and lick. I am going to strive for 5-7 days of WW points tracking each week. Some days I get off track, but I really try to not go past four days without journaling. I recognize that I won't always be on point and this is fine.

* I will food choices that are as healthy as possible. I try to focus on simple ingredients, simple foods, not overly processed. I will try to cook many of my meals in order to avoid eating out, not only for the expense but the lack of control of quality food.
* I will exercise 5-6 days a week. I’m listening to my body and finding that most days it wants me to move.
* I am a dancer! I will register for classes and make sure that I take at least two personal or group sessions a week. I will also set a goal for my dancing. This always keeps me motivated and on point.
* I will take my meds, vitamins and supplements 5-7 days a week.

* Once I get an iPhone I hope to use the following apps: Lose It!, WW Mobile, Streaks (just love the concept of this one!)
* WW online tools and WW mobile
* Blogging - lets be frank - that takes the most out of me. :)

It is very difficult for me to see progress for whatever reason. I love using the WW tools and excel spreadsheets to see improvements and growth.
I am going to start taking a morning picture of myself in order to view a pattern (or not) ala Ms. Bitchcakes. I don't have a mass transit commute any longer so I will have to find a decent mirror at work to use.

Here I am yesterday after my workout. I cut the tshirt cause it made me feel like I was choking every time I wore it! I was a little afraid that it would ruin the shirt but I loved it! Forgot again to take a before pic.

After pic:

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