Thursday, May 06, 2010

Memory Lane

A few years ago my husband asked me, quite honestly, if I thought it was better to have a good childhood and a mediocre adult life or have a crappy childhood and a great adult life. I believe that having a good childhood is the key. Let me 'splain, Lucy.

A good childhood (or any period of your life) provides you with memories and emotions. Theses are safe places for you to retreat to when in doubt, fear, turmoil or any of those other things we are in our adult life. It is like having a good sexual fantasy, your fall back imagery that always gets you to the right spot mentally. :) Oh, come on! We all have them, just please don't share if it isn't your spouse. We can discuss too much honesty in another post.

Anyhoot - these memories set a good foundation for whatever comes your way.

All the adults that I have met that have had a less than desirable childhood spend a great deal of their adult lives correcting, dealing, surviving that past. It takes longer than all the years you were a child to fix these things...sometimes a whole lifetime isn't enough. Ther are enough movies on Lifetime that cover this same topic.

So, what are your go back to memories? Safe havens.
-> playing dolls with my sister in our bedroom when used misc stuff around the house as the dollhouse furniture
-> playing with my brother's racetrack...which I then fell on and broke. oops!
-> riding the bus with my brother to my piano lessons
-> running down the hallway to jump into daddy's arms when he came home from work
-> playing jacks with mom in the kitchen after she had cleaned the house.
-> having chocolate milk late at night in the kitchen with my brother
-> playing skip rope and kick the can in front of our building

Don't be shy. Share one or two or many many more. They don't have to be childhood ones. Tell me about your sweetie, work, kids, etc. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez says - Recordar es vivir (remembering is living)

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