Wednesday, May 05, 2010

1000 good things

Yesterday, I wore my heart rate monitor to my dance class. I practiced on my own for half an hour and then with my instructor for about an hour and ten minutes. I burned 1003 calories! Holy mother! That is awesome!! I am on such a nice high today from it. 1003 calories, wow! I wish I could dance every day so that I can get that calorie burn.

Seeing the number of calorie burned has me yearning for a bodybugg! I have been thinking about it for a few years and love seeing how the biggest loser contestants have used it. Especially Ali Vincent.

Speaking of her, she will be in Tampa in early June. I definitely plan to drive over and meet her. She was such an inspiration to me in her season! Tara and her have been by far the most inspiring for me. Abby is my emotional favorite. Gotta love her too!

Here is a good day. Making it a good day. ;)

This painting speaks to me! That will be me! Running along!! :)

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