Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Rollins

What I find most touching is that when the call came from the nurses at the hospital it was to Bianka. They had looked at his cell phone's last call and assumed it was his wife. But true to his nature, his last call was to his granddaughter, Bianka.

I never met Mr. Rollins but I have heard so much about him. The loving calls, the frequent weekends with Bianka, the school clothing, latest game, best birthday days. That is the living testament of Mr. Rollins. His love for his grand-daugther and by extension, her mother, my closest sister/cousin/friend. I know that Bianka's world has changed forever today and that a few days short of her eleventh birthday it will feel like too much to take. But when the days have settled and her heart starts to heal, there tucked into the little crevices of her heart, will be the loving memories of her grandpa, to lift her up and give her hope.

Goodbye, Mr. Rollins and thank you.

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