Tuesday, June 19, 2007

#9 Meme Challenge

So I was off at Two Peas in a Bucket and checked out Meme's challenge. Let's see if I can even do them all. :) Consistency hasn't always been my strong suit.

Memories From Your School Years

Bus #5 - when we went to the Instituto Evangelico Cynthia and I had to take bus #5 home. All the buses from 1 to 10 lined up on the side road of the school. Ours was conveniently located by the side gate. We were able to get a refreshing "jungi" and tons of Dubble Bubble gum before getting on the bus. For a long time our driver was Mario - a round friendly driver. He would let me ride upfront on the steps. Loved that. Most of the time the older kids on the bus sat at the end of the bus. Not because we were the oldest (although I am sure that counts as well) but because we were the last stop of the night. Cynthia and I were the next to last stop. Damaris and Felix were the very last ones. We wouldn't be rounding our corner till past 7pm each night.

2. Dressing up for Valentines's. 9th grade we were in the last classroom of the row. That meant that we had windows on 3 sides of the classroom. Made the room a) very cool and b) felt really open. Judith and I agreed to come to school with pig tails tied in red ribbon. I don't remember what else we did that day but I remember that I had tons of fun.

3. Being the stage manager for "The Curious Savage". There was no electricity and the play called for three scenes were Esmeralda's character would turn off the lights! We had to improvise and use laterns. Then the electricity came back half way through the play and the WHOLE front & back of the house was lit up. Great time doing that!

4. Scavanger hunt - this was in 10th grade so it must have been 1988. The senior class conducted a city wide Scavanger hunt. I can't remember who was my partner but I know that at one of the stops Orlandito was the "gate keeper" - hilarious. I remember that Richard, Cynthia, Johanna and me completed it. It started at the Instituto Evangelico side street and ended at the park in front of the the Virgen de Altragracia church. Great long tiring laughin out loud day.

5. Driving to Licey on the back of scooter while Johnny St. Hilarie drove, Cynthia was sandwiched between the two of us and I hung on to dear life off the back. To top it off I was holding a birthday cake for Yvette as well (with no cover on it!!). Later that day we went joy riding around the "wild" terrain in Licey. Tons of fun!

6. Los Retiros - I guess you could call these camps. They were small weekend spiritual camps. I went to two while at the Evangelico and two while I was at Santiago Christian School. Not only did I ENJOY the fun, games, sleeping, boys, frogs, gross showers, laughing, food, lack of food, etc - I also got my first sense of communion with God. They each incorporated a quiet time - where you would go and find a place to sit by yourself and just be. I wish I had more pictures of that time. Memories fade and cracks start to appear in between them.

7. Shuffling shoes - el Evangelico was by far the largest school I had ever attended. There were at least 3 classrooms for each grade starting from k to 12. So the first day of school (7th grade) all I remember was a horde of girls going up these stairs that criss-crossed (s0rt of) and seeing white bob socks, black shoes and yellow mustard skirts going up the stairs. Dragging your feet was a very popular thing to do as well!

8. Learning - I just loved to learn. New school supplies. Borrying teachers, yucky classes, but just being there was better than being home! Wish I felt like that about work!

9. Orlandito visits - when he went off to college I saw him less and less. He would come about once a week to my classroom (10f) to visit. I would step out onto the balcony and chit chat with him for a while. For so long he was such a close beloved friend. Him with his crazy girlfriend issues, wacking style and he was such a good friend.

10. College orientation - what can I say? I love all that hookie team building bonding let-me-fall-on-you-trust-building-stuff. The cool thing was that I had it twice. LOL

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