Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pioneer Woman meets East Coast Latina

Yesterday I went to the last book signing of the Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. I almost didn't go since I had left my book at home but hubby came to the rescue. The sweetie drove to my job late in the afternoon to bring me my book. :) He says that I staged the call, "oh, man! I won't be able to go to that book signing. bla bla bla woo is me" Well, I didn't stage it but I had hoped for that reaction I got. ;)

A friend was suppose to meet me but wasn't able to make it so I made the nice long line on my own. I was standing in line from 5pm to 8:30. It was well worth it. I chatted up a storm (yeah, I know - huge surprise) with the ladies in front and behind me on the line. They had both driven over from the gulf coast for the signing. I thought that was pretty cool. They were both teachers and moms. Lots of good stuff to talk about.

The Pioneer Woman and her punks were beautiful. She was gracious, funny, warm and everything else she is on the blog. She even pronounced my name right and rolled those Rs really nice for a gringa. :)

I was fascinated by the diverse group of women that read her blog and also found it wonderful how real she really is.

Isn't she pretty? I loved her jewerly. She complimented my necklace and when I told her I liked her stuff she said she was like a chandalier. Work it girl! :)

I felt that honest was the best policy and had her sign it for the real me. Hubby got a kick out of the inscription. :)

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