Friday, March 13, 2009

Argentine Tango & me

So, I went for it! I have lost my mind and entered a ballroom weight-loss dancing challenge a few weeks ago.

The winner of the 12 week challenge will receive a one year scholarship to the dance studio, a makeover and photoshoot, a two night hotel getaway, a membership to LA Fitness and other prizes. The scoring is a combination of the judges score, my weight loss achievement, the live audience vote and the online vote. That is where you come in!!! Vote for me!

My first performance was this past Friday evening. I danced an Argentine Tango with Angel, one of the instructors at the studio. It was sooooo much more fun than I could have imagined. You can see a video of my dance along with all the other ladies at Adanse.

Instructions on how to vote:
Click on the link.
Be patient and let the page load!
Scroll down a litte bit. The videos are on the left-hand side.
After the last video you will see the voting section - still on the left-hand side!

Feel free to watch all the videos but VOTE FOR ME.

The next performances are March 27, April 17 and May 8. I'll need your votes each time! Thanks for checking it out and wish me luck!! My next dance is the cha-cha!


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MizFit said...


I love when you lose your mind...and yes off to vote for you :)