Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The start of it all

When I started my ballroom dancing classes in August it was mainly because I was interested in learning the foxtrot and the quickstep. I had originally stopped in to get information in early May with Gloria. I went to a cardio dancing class in May but that was basically it. Then in August I received a bonus from work and decided to treat myself to some weekly dancing. But as life would have it August ended up being a bust between family member health issues and travel.

Back in May, while they were giving us a bit of tour, Angel (a dance instructor) challenged me to dance Tango with him. That made me laugh since that is the last thing that I wanted to learn, ever. Fast-forward to October - Jose was playing around with the music and I was curious to what type of dancing was done to a particular song. He called Eddie over and we briefly danced Milonga.

Me-long-A. Yup, Me-Loved-it! I not only followed (with my eyes closed) but felt incredible afterwards, thus the start of Eddie's weekly torture.

This is what I hope the be able to dance in the next few months. I if I am being completely honest, I would SO love to have at least her legs. I think it is asking too much for the body but I'll take that too, God. :)

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