Thursday, October 09, 2008

Being part of something greater than yourself

This fall season I am actively, and by choice, involved in a few things that are all about others. I love the feeling I get when I do something for someone else. There is something in it for me....that feeling! Here are two that are close and dear to my heart.

Via my employer's volunteer program the Orlando site will be hosting an Operation Christmas Child event on November 1st. I am so excited about putting together a shoe box of goodies for the children. I took Joshua shopping with me to the dollar store and Walmart. It so warmed my heart to see him choosing items for "the children in India". He even chose chapstick for them. That may also be because he loves chapstick so much! :)

Make a butterfly. I was reading a blog this afternoon and came across this site. I'm gonna make a butterfly, too. I am actually going to send (5) little butterfly kits to a few friends that have children to encourage them make a butterfly as well. The idea is to include a glue stick, some card stock and pattern paper, sticker or rubon, a letter and a print out of the site. I hope to spread the urge/encourage/light a fire of participation in something greater than yourself.

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