Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Passion to Sew

For years, upon years, upon years my mother had a sewing machine. She made dressed for Cynthia and me. Dolls. Curtains.

Want to know what I learned to do? I learned how to insert the thread in the needle and only because she couldn't see and had the young vulnerable eyes do it for her.

So now, I am in sewing lust. I *borrowed* my sisters's sewing machines and have it all set up. After a frustrating day of trying to figure it out on Sunday my mom sewed two pillow cushions. Note, that I yet again, was relegated to threading the machine. :) But the dream lives on and I shall sew! How about this pretty little bonnet for Lily Kae? I can just imagine how cute she'll look in this!

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Amanda said...

I have a bonnet like that. I got it when I visited the Amish town of Lancaster,PA. I think Lily will be beautiful in that bonnet carrying that blaket your going to crochet as well. PS...Dont forget to send my blanket.