Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bittersweet day

The movers came today and packed my house.
Within six hours they wrapped, bundled, disassembled and boxed 10 years of stuff.
This stuff is just stuff....but each box, each wrap, each bundle
....was the triumph of being a first time home owner,
... was dreams created,
... was 7 IVF cycles lived and lost,
... was a baby nursery that never was,
... was dreams lost,
... was tears of joy, pain, loss, happiness and even defeat at times - but what sweet victories were won here
As I walked thru the house I saw
..... a backyard that hosted countless pool parties, BBQs and two weddings,
..... a living room that hosted my sisters wedding and two baby showers,
.... a home were I hosted thanksgiving dinners, birthdays, new year parties, Christmas parties
.... a home where my two first fur babies came to live with us and today leave beloved ashes in tin boxes
.... a home that I love.

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