Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I love you, Flickr

My computer at work hates me.  Well, to be factual I should say that the backup hard drive hates me more.  

It started with a blue screen.

Followed by me screaming (co-workers don't like that a lot).

And then it happened again. **Sigh**
So I purchased a great HUGE terabyte back-up hard-drive. Performed a back and felt so darn proud!

Quickly followed by this silly statement"No, Mr. IT guy.  You don't have to back up my stuff.  I already did it"
Welcome Windows 7.  
Goodbye....all my files, pictures, favorite links and programs that I loved.

Hello having to build my work collection of files and link for the past 10 years again.  
Yeah me! (pass the Jack Daniels please)

and hello, old lover.  
That random memory a blog, 
a picture,
a something another file that I no longer have 
AND can't quite remember.

And then....aha!  I still have my Pinterest board and my Flickr favorites.

That my friends leads me to my post subject (and no, you aren't the only person that feels that I am long winded!).  I had forgotten about many of these pictures I had marked as a favorite.  What do you think it says about me?  I think it says volumes but then again, I know me. :)

So, don't trust your own back-up hard drive usage ability and embrace keeping stuff all over the web. :)
What are you pinning or marking at favorites lately? 

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