Friday, February 03, 2012

Progress Prompt #13

How is your knowledge in nutrition? What consists of a balanced and healthy meal?I think that although I don't follow it much I have a decent knowledge base on nutrition. Since I have PCOS at lot of what I have learned has been around carbs and protein. But I think that my mom and dad taught me the most and easiest: eat things that had a mama or came from the earth most, low in salt, low in oil, lots of veggies at every meal, everything in moderation, only water with meals…unless you were dad and there was that ice cold Heineken with dinner. 

My mom’s balanced dinner ALWAYS was homemade with fresh ingredients: white rice, stewed beans, something that had a mama (chicken, steak, and fish), fresh veggies, and water.

That is comfort food for me. It is also called the “La Bandera” (the flag) because you can literally find that line up in any Dominican home during lunch/dinner time.

Do you think you're eating well?
I find that my eating great during the day while at work but the evenings are much more of a challenge for me. That is why one of my goals is to make a meal plan. I think that this will help me stay on target in the evenings since things won’t be left to what mood I am in.

How many calories are you eating every day?
I would have to guess that well beyond 2000 calories. I have signed up for myfitnesspal as well as the bodybugg so I should have a much better concept by the end of the month.

Have you discovered any specific void in your nutrition that was causing your weight gain and what are you doing to correct it?
Vitamin supplements and good oils so far. Again, after a month I should have a better idea with the new tools I am using.

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