Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UHC vs Me

I am very fortunate that my insurance covers my cycles at 99%, literally. There is a formal process where I have to receive approval before each cycle. I called two weeks in a row and finally got an answer on my third call. She said she can't give me an approval until they do a 30 review of my chart to make sure I haven't exceeded my lifetime maximum.

Ladies and Gents, by the Grace of God, did I not start swearing like a sailor on the phone call. A few deep, almost hyperventalating breaths later, I kindly asked if we could speed up this process since I HAD BEEN CALLING for two weeks and would have been 15 days into this "process".

I will get the response from my biopsy and insurance company around the same time next week.

I had blissfully forgotten how much I hated the IVF cycle crap till just yesterday. Then I read all a message board with wonderful messages and thought...."I am not in this alone. And you too could have a nice beta number to post soon. Suck it up, girl!"

Happy Tuesday!

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