Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maggiano's = heavy stomach

Yesterday I attended a business dinner at Maggiano's. The food was delicious and the company excellent. And then I woke up today with the feeling of having digested a stone.

As I slowly woke up, limped to the bathroom (story for another day), it slowly dawned on me that when I eat pasta, rich creamy pasta, I get this dreaded yucky feeling. This has only started to happened since I started Glumetza for my insulin resistance.

It is a physical confirmation that my body needs other types of foods and I should pay attention! What is even sadder is that I really did pace myself and was very proud of what I did consume.

On the way to work my body couldn't quite decide if it wanted it to go out the top or the bottom. Yuck! Thankfully, it left the decision for a later time.

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