Friday, August 19, 2011

IVF now boarding

Hubby and I decided to literally suck it up and go for our 7th, almost final, IVF cycle.

There will only be one more cycle after this one. I expect to close this chapter in our lives, cry a bit and then forge forward. I can't quite envision how life looks like after all this. Really. Living with this madness for so long I hope that the other side of infertility....still full of hope and joy that I can't imagine today.

The first step in this rather long journey is a few blood work tests for us both and a exploratory hysteroscopy. What I lovingly refer to as a "lookie-see". This is setup for Monday morning. Assuming everything is looking as good as it can we start the IVF cycle with my next period. That is scheduled to arrive around September 14th but with my uterus you better not bet on that. :)

Still working on the weight since that is a major factor with my PCOS-insulin resistance-endometriosis trifecta. As of last week I was 226. I haven't weighed in this week but am starting up my personal training again on Tuesday.

Here are a few posts I did on our history:
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I can't tell you how good it feels to be moving on this. There are many months, years that I have felt stuck in this process. Not knowing one way or another how things would work out and freaking out about both. I feel that I am finally in a place where either result won't destroy me. I will feel pain and disappointment but I will survive and thrive.....right after the emotional breakdown. Come on, we have to keep it real!

I found this cute picture on a blog. Love it.

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