Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Week 26: Weight Watchers Weigh-In

May 25 to May 31st, 2011
Current Weight: 229 lbs
Week to Week loss: n/a
Total gain/loss: -12.0 lbs

Today was my nephew's highschool graduation. There were several speakers but one made me want to lunge at the stage. :) Her topic was on how different teenagers graduating this year are from all other teenages across 100 years. Personally, with the exception of the actual date, I don't think that this graduating class is any different than mine was from 20 years ago this month.

We wanted to be independent. We were scared of the future but so ready to see it happen. We loved and cared. We worried. We were proud of our accomplishment. What we didn't have was texting, blogging, facebook or tweeting. But I think that there is much more that makes us the same than that that separates us.

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