Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Questions from the Trainer

Have I ever told you about Elise? She was the manager of the fitness center at my job and, for about two sessions, my personal trainer. She is an excellent ambassador the health and fitness industry and a great friend. Oh, I did tell you that as a big fat joke the universe made me the manager of the corporate fitness center. Talk about jokes.

Here is a video of her teaching a demo class during an all day fair at our office. I love her thighs and butt, or as I call them her Thutt.

Anyhoo - I emailed Elise a week ago and explained that I was interested in having her as a personal trainer for a few weeks. She sent me this list of questions which, quite frankly, I have stumpt me. It took me four days and I finally responded. What you answer to these?

1. Are you interested in 30 or 60 minute training sessions?
2. Are you committed to this and willing to do what it takes to see the changes?
3. What are you short term goals?
4. What are your long term goals?
5. What are your expectations for the trainings?
6. Are you changing your eating habits or have met with a nutritionist and are making the proper changes?
7. What times are you looking at doing training?
8. Where is more convenient for you (work, home or local gym)?
9. What are you currently doing for your exercise workout?
10. Would you say your "daily diet" is healthy? If not, why?

Think about and we'll talk about it later. In the is a picture of me doing something that is between a downward facing dog and me just crashing to the floor from that same day in 2009. :) My thutt looks huge even from this angle!

That is me in pink. Save me.

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