Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress Prompt #11

[11.] Write about your epiphany. What was your "aha!" moment? What prompted you to begin your weight loss journey?

Since I have gained and lost the same 40-ish lbs I guess I have had a few AHA moments along the way. The latest, and most significant, occur ed on December 12, 2010. Yes, I know the actual date.

Earlier that week my hubby and I had a rough rough painful conversation. It stayed with me for days and not in a good way. On December 12th I was in my closet, mulling over my hurt feelings, my thoughts for the future, thinking of my birthday that would be in a short 16 days when it happened....that AHA! moment.

I am not in a race.
These changes I am making are for the REST of my LIFE.

Viewed in this light I realized one day in a span 35405 days (total days in my life if I live to 97ish+) isn't a life-altering-goal-shattering thing. It is just a day. I need to take it all in stride and not allow one day or 30 days (yes, talking about March) determine my success.

Guess what? I stopped pedaling on the grand bike of weight-loss last month. So what! I am still on the bike and have started pedaling again.

Stay on the bike.
Rest when you need it.
Pedal again.
Keep on pedaling.

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Jane said...

I started my journey because my maternity clothes were starting to get too small for me and this was after I had all the kids, but I still had to wear the maternity stuff because I put on so much weight that nothing else would fit me.

Like you I have had a few aha moments. One was a couple of months ago when I was just having one of those days when everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I still hadn't packed up the breakfast stuff so the bread, butter and jam were staring at me and pointing to the toaster. I started to make myself some toast because that is what I do when things get tough, but I actually stopped myself as I thought "why am I going to eat this, it doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me more miserable" so I packed it all up and put it away. I wouldn't have had just 1 or 2 pieces either, it would have been at least 4 slices, probably more so it was a minor non scale victory for me that day and I think that was the start of many more.

Enough ramble from me today, have a good one.