Monday, March 28, 2011

Sucking it up ....and in

Yes, March was a dud of a month.

So, I am hitting a reset button for April. I think it should work to reset my brain, mind and body.

I think that I posted, way back when, on the this blog that I have PCOS. I was diagnosed in 2000 and since then have gotten a host of other diagnosis. Last week I was listening to Jillian Michael's podcast interview with Dr. V. What an excellent podcast!! They covered a variety of endocrinology issues from PCOS, diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid problems, etc. Wonderful stuff! It also was a great day to hear it since I was going to my endocrinologist the next day and I was prepared with some really great questions.

I strongly believe in being your own advocate. The doctor and I are in a partnership, not dictatorship. She/he must engage in dialogue with me to get my buy-in on any treatment: and I mean any treatment. I guess that 7 rounds of IVF makes me a little jaded. :) Once I get my final round of blood work I will post my endocrinologist status. :) Be ready for an interesting read!

Talking about IVF, hubby and I have decided to go for it again. Deep breath. Yup, let’s take another deep breath for good measure. I know FOR A FACT that THAT is why I had a meltdown type month in March. It takes my mind/spirit a while to process.

I'll post what are plans are in a few weeks once we get all our ducks in a row but don't worry no huge surprises.

Weight loss + special medication + lots of exercise + good diet + special injections & meds (might) = baby try #8.

We'll have a solid game plan and process in a few weeks. I am also compiling my IVF saga to post as a separate page. I hope that someone can learn from our lessons. Take care and God bless!

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